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Yes, it is possible to achieve marketing whilst you are tucked up in bed no matter what size of business. You just need to have the know-how, creativity and the systems to make it happen.


Oh, and a love for all things data! 

Creative Ideas

Ideas Big & Small

Lets plant a seed and watch it grow together

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Right Message -> Right Time

That's all you need to achieve better results with 1-2-1 marketing


Dull to most, but not to me.

Do what's right by your customers and they'll follow you anywhere


About Us

We're like two peas in a pod


Proud Mum  |  Data Guru  |  Dog Lover

Emma Holttum is a passionate marketer with a wealth of marketing experience, but her one true love (at work) is database marketing. 

From creative idea, to implementation followed by reporting, Emma likes to see every campaign through to the end.


Talented Son  | Tech Geek  |  Xbox Lover

Curtis Truckle is a knock off the old block.


Having completed his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in 2017, Curtis is a talented young man with a love of technology. 

This website is a prime example of his outstanding work of getting a website up and running in days, and for a very reasonable budget. 

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